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Golden Imex Eirelin co. is the holding company has been persistently producing and exporting all major products in food and agriculture fields from Brazil to worldwide destinations. G.I.E established few more offices outside of Brazil to facilitate the trade with its customers with perspective to be one of the reliable international trading organizations which is active as exporter and importer dealing with different commodities in large values and also build trustworthy relationship with all of its substantial consumers.
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the world's largest producer and exporter.
Brazil has the world's largest commercial cattle herd of around 200 million head, and is the largest exporter of beef.
the world's No. 2 soybean producer and exporter, and one day will likely overtake the United States as the leading producer of the oilseed

According to the Brazil's geographical location and thanks to the weather of this land, Agriculture become as one of the most important industry and made this country as one of the important origin to export wide range of products such as coffee, soybeans, beef, sugar cane, ethanol and frozen chickens.

 The scope of our company is mainly covers the purchase and sale of almost all products mentioned above to assist traders around the world. Our activities are focused on international trade in agriculture and food and emphasis more rigidly on food products which can be described as follows:

-  Supplying agriculture and food products required by the customers worldwide.

- Purchase of agriculture and food products required by all markets and private sectors.